Existing Homes Program

QA Residential Service & Installation (RSI) is an accreditation program for contractors that want to prove to their customers in the residential replacement marketplace that they follow the acceptable guidelines for quality HVAC installation.

Homeowners: Click here to find a QA RSI accredited contractor.

It’s true that not all contractors are created equal, and those contractors who perform truly quality work have long clamored for a way to prove that they are better than their competitors. To meet this need, the ACCA Board of Directors created the RSI accreditation.

Participating contractors agree to follow the recommended business practices in the QA Contractor Elements. These practices are necessary for an operation to provide quality service and replacement work.

ENERGY STAR Verified Installation

ENERGY STAR is a brand that 90% of customers know, and one that influences their purchasing decisions.  The ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation (ESVI) Certificate stands on that brand recognition and adds credibility to your proposals. 

Contractors who want to set themselves apart need to offer what their competition cannot.  The ESVI certificate is one way for professional businesses to offer customers something unique.

Residential Service and Installation (RSI) accredited contractors can download the ACCA QI mobile app, set up your My ENERGY STAR Account (MESA), and start submitting projects to receive the ESVI certificate.  (You can review the orientation online – at www.acca.org/qa/resources).


The ACCA QI Mobile App can be found at:


Application Process

QA Contractor Accreditation is open to all contractors able to meet the requirements; ACCA membership is not required. (ACCA members receive a discount on QA program fees.) 

Already an accredited New Homes Contractor, complete the RSI orientation, and earn that accreditation as well.

If you are new to the QA Program, the application is a multi-step process. Click here to learn more and apply.  Successful applicants can choose to participate in the New Homes program, the Existing Homes (RSI) program, or both. There is only one fee and one application process. 

Current QA Program Fees

First Year Application & Participation Fee:

$800 ($600 ACCA members)
Click here to apply
Note: If your application is not accepted, your first year fee will be refunded less the $275 application fee.

Renewing Annual Participation Fee:

$800 ($600 ACCA members)
Click here to renew

RSI Verified Installation Certificate:

$45 per verified installation
For certificates authenticating the verification of a specific quality installation job in the Existing Homes (RSI) program.


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