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ENERGY STAR Certified Homes has recently made some appreciable revisions to their program’s checklists and information processes. These revisions become a requirement in July 2016, but they are being immediately implemented voluntarily in many areas. ACCA has prepared three introductory videos that look at the revisions to the information flow and the checklist’s content. You can see those here.

ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Revision 08 for HVAC Contractors

ENERGY STAR Overview HVAC Checklists Rev 8

ENERGY STAR HVAC Design Checklist Rev 8

ENERGY STAR HVAC Cx Checklists Rev 8


 ENERGY STAR has also prepared some supporting videos.

Getting Started with Rev. 08 – For Raters (5 min)

Getting Started with Rev. 08 – For Builders (4 min)

Getting Started with Rev. 08 – For HVAC Designers (3 min)

Getting Started with Rev. 08 – For HVAC Contractors (3 min)


How to Use the AHRI Directory is a half hour video that demonstrates several examples of searches, ranging from easy to complicated cases.  We hope this will be a beneficial tool to you and your staff.


Quality HVAC Installation Specification 

Developed by a broad coalition of industry stakeholders, the QI Specification identifies consensus requirements associated with quality installations, acceptable procedures for measuring or verifying the attainment of those requirements, and acceptable forms of documentation to show compliance to the requirements.

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Quality HVAC Installation Verification Protocols

The ANSI/ACCA Quality Installation Verification Protocols are for those who intend to protect the value and integrity of the QI Standard through qualified and objective examination of submitted HVAC system installations.

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Articles For QA Contractors

ACCA and IE3 have published several articles that provide QA program participates with resources they need to be successful in the program. Below are some of the articles.

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